The Greek branch of KFEED will be the exclusive distributor of Paradisiotis Ltd. company which is established in Cyprus, in order to promote their high quality frozen products in Greek market.

Paradisiotis Ltd is one of the largest and most accomplished companies in the field of chicken farming in Cyprus holding approximately 25% of the food product market.  
The company has it’s own facilities in Cyprus as following:

-    Modern factory which adheres to all the EU technology and has been reworded with certificates of cleanliness, hygiene and quality.
-    Hygienic, environmentally controlled livestock farms with computerised feeding systems.
-    Computer controlled feed mill producing an exclusive blend of ingredients for optimum flavour.
-    Automated and humane slaughter facilities.
-    Ultra-modern meat processing and packaging plant.
-    Rapid, temperature controlled distribution.
-    Careful in-store product handling procedures.
-    Ongoing research, product development, testing and analysis.

The company offers a substantial range and exquisite quality of fresh and frozen products with most important poultry products for what they are famous of, fed by our own raw material feed.

Paradisiotis Ltd takes great pride with the quality of its products and with the service they provide to their customers. 

All products have been approved, tested and certified in security issues of the following controls:

•    HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
•    OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services) 
•    ISO 22000 (Management of food safety)

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