Guar meal is a high value in protein feed, coming from a legume plant and suitable for all kinds of productive animals.
More specifically, during the split manufacturing process of guar, husk and germ are obtained. Both these are used as a valuable animal feed as they are quite rich in protein. In international market these are popularly known as "Guar Meal" and are sold worldwide. Guar meal is the by-product obtained after processing Guar seed (about 3 mm). Guar meal is further processed by roasting at high temperature above 120 degrees to remove Trypsin Inhibitors which is less than 0.500 m/g, thus enhancing its nutritive value & digestibility. It is also free from salmonella & Aflatoxin. Guar meal has free flowing properties light greenish color coarse texture. Therefore it can be stored in silos and it is also non-flammable. Guar meal is a 100% natural agricultural product & rich in protein and Carbohydrate suitable for feeding to Poultry, Livestock & Aqua. 

Τypically it comes in 2 forms:
(a) Guar meal churi: it is in powder form & contains less protein 
(b) Guar meal korma: it is in granular form and contains higher protein.

Having all the positive characteristics of a legume plant, it can replace soybean production up to 100 % depending on the animal which is intended and in a much more competitive price of 15-20% lower! It can also be used as a substitute in production final feed of gluten maize and high concentrate protein products (SPC).
It is characterized as easy flow product, rough texture and is 100% unmodified. 

The most important is that the Guar Meal is "clean" of Salmonella, E.coli, and aflatoxin and pesticides.

All the products of our company are accompanied by all necessary certificates which prove their appropriateness as raw material for the manufacture of animal feed and meet all specifications required by the EU.
In addition, each and every container comes with a certificate issued by SGS, the largest certifying body in the world, which examines the 4 basic elements (protein, fat, humidity, cellulose), as well as the absence of Salmonella & Aflatoxins.
Guar meal