DDGS is a raw material feed, which comes from Hungary. It’s being produced from the elaboration of corn.
After the removal of ethanol by the process of fermentation, residues resulting from which DDGS is made of.
It has characterized by its high energy, the very good amount of protein, it is easily and highly digested and it improves the fermentation into the animal’s stomach, while it also helps  the food absorption.
The specific product is a very good protein nourishment – it contains 30% protein while we guarantee a minimum content of protein 28-29% in continuous basis -  for all the types of animals and fish. Specifically, for use to ruminants  the production of milk is better due to the fat content (10%), while for use to poultry and pigs the weight of the meat is being increased as also its quality.
Furthermore, it is rich in significant fiber which enhance the performance of animals.
One of the major advantages is that it is not genetically modified product (non GMO) and is free of aflatoxins and salmonella, something that is being achieved with the 3 control stages process: initially in the field, then in the factory and in its finished form.
Regarding the needs of our customers, we can provide the corresponding certificates for the above procedure.

              Finally, we recommend combined use with GUAR 50-53% protein for best results economically and nutritionally, with the most important luck of soya use for better nutritional behavior of animal protein, energy and fiber.

Pannonia Gold
Our company is distributor of Pannonia Gold in Bulgaria and nearby countries.
Pannonia Gold is based in Hungary and has one of the most modern production plants for DDGS. With the four-year presence in the raw material production, annual output reaches 300,000 tons.
Regarding the quality of the product comes from Hungarian corn which is known for its excellent quality. There is a guarantee for the stability of quality in each load. The product is gmofree, without aflatoxin or Salmonella as it passes four stages of control, from the field to the stage of loading.